Duplicator 4X - Black Frame


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    Duplicator 4X – Black Frame

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    The Duplicator 4X has all of the same features as the Duplicator 4 but has been improved to include several new safety features. The Duplicator now comes with a hinged safety door, two side safety panels, and a detachable hood. Other features include upgraded electronics, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control, and a durable black acrylic frame. Each printer Includes 2 filament rolls with 100 color combinations to choose from. In a market filled with kits and industrial machines we bring you a true "hybrid" 3D printer!

    This model is recommended for Schools, Home Workshops, and Office Tinkerers.




    $2,089.00 $1,971.00
    $2,089.00 $1,971.00