PET Polyester Film – 100mm

PET Polyester Film – 100mm


A roll of our 3D Printing tape PET Polyester Film, 100mm wide and 66 Meters long! Suitable to fit large heating beds in just a few sticks.

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A roll of our of PET polyester film! Also known as PET tape, is 100mm wide and 66 Meters long!

It’s all the great features of Kapton tape in an wide roll that will cover build surfaces in a second.

PET polyester film is an alternative to Kapton tape and this wide roll of PET polyester film will cover build surfaces in a flash. In most circumstances this PET film has shown to be a better alternative to Kapton tape when printing ABS, and is a super surface to print 3DPS Nylon PA, 3DPS PETG, 3DPS POM! Our PET polyester film is extra thick preventing it from tears when applying and removing it from your glass heat bed, but the biggest advantage is that it lasts longer than Kapton tape.

Ideal for glass heated printer beds, it’s probably enough PET polyester film to keep you supplied for weeks, even under a demanding production schedule.

Additional information

Weight .98 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm






Temperature Specs

Can withstand temperatures up to +200 °C!

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