3D Printing accuracy of 3DPS ABS and 3DPS PLA?

3D Printing accuracy of 3DPS ABS and 3DPS PLA?
April 1, 2015 admin

Both materials are quite capable of being 3D printed into dimensionally accurate parts.

3DPS ABS: A sometimes-frustrating hurdle when printing with ABS is the edge of thinner parts curling upwards. Our 3DPS ABS has been engineered as a strong flexible plastic, which reduces warping in such circumstances. For fine detailed prints with sharp edges we recommend a fan to cool prints that may have intricate sections of the prints. If using this technique it is important not to cool the print too much as to affect the layering adhesion. It is best to enclose the print area so that the surrounding air temperature is much higher than room temperature.

3DPS PLA: As PLA undergoes a phase-change when heated as it becomes much more liquid than ABS. It is a good idea to actively cool the print to successfully print corners and small details without the risk of it cracking or warping your print.

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