The key differences when printing between 3DPS PLA and 3DPS ABS?

The key differences when printing between 3DPS PLA and 3DPS ABS?
April 1, 2015 admin


3DPS PLA is a rigid liquid whilst 3DPS ABS is a crystallised liquid. What does this mean when 3D Printing? When ABS is heated it transits slowly from a gel to a liquid while PLA transits from solid to liquid. This is part of the reason why when printing with 3DPS PLA a model fan is necessary as these transitions work in the opposite direction allowing PLA to cool quicker.


3DPS ABS is much more flexible then 3DPS PLA and will bend much further than 3DPS PLA without snapping.


3DPS PLA’s finish is more glossy than 3DPS ABS and can becomes more glossy the higher the print temperature.


3DPS ABS – Generally when printing it has the smell of hot plastic. Some people like this smell, others find it horrible whilst some people don’t really smell it! But either way it is most important that you are printing in a well ventilated room, especially if printing in a small or confined space. To reduce plastic smell and to improve the print quality we suggest enclosing the print space as suggested in the My prints aren’t sticking to the print bed! section.

3DPS PLA – On the other hand because PLA is derived from biological resources, meaning our 3DPS PLA is biodegradable and has a sweet smell similar to semi-sweet cooking oil or corn syrup, which is considered as an improved smell over the hot plastic alternative.

However the biggest influence on the smell regardless of the plastic type that you are printing with is the print temperature. You will find that the smell increases with higher print temperatures.

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