What is the difference between 3DPS Filaments?

What is the difference between 3DPS Filaments?
April 1, 2015 admin

All 3DPS filaments are thermoplastics, which means that they become soft and malleable when heated and return to a solid state when they are cooled. The extruder on your 3D printer has a heating element that introduces heat to the 3DPS printer filament melting it down and then applies it layer by layer to your 3D printed model. We have a wide range of 3DPS filaments of which all have a wide range of different applications. While there are many thermoplastics around very few of them are used for 3D Printing.

Why? 3D Printing requires a thermoplastic to pass three different tests. The initial extrusion process of our 3DPS filament starts off as raw thermoplastic that comes in pallet form. 3DPS Filament only uses brand new the highest quality raw materials. Why? The extrusion process in making the 3DPS filament is in essence the same heating and cooling process that your extruder uses to build the layers of your model. So it is imperative that the raw material is brand new and of the highest quality. The second is trace binding during the 3D printing process and lastly the end use application.

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