Materialize Your Ideas: The Advantages of Using 3D CAD Print Services

Materialize Your Ideas: The Advantages of Using 3D CAD Print Services
February 16, 2021 Beth Solange
In Technology
3D CAD print services

We can now turn imagination into reality as you’ve never seen before. The fantastic nature of 3D CAD printing opens up endless possibilities in this almost surreal, high-tech, innovative world. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come.

We can only speculate on what mind-blowing creations are in our future as science and imp.

What’s the draw of using 3D CAD print services versus other options? Learn of the advantages (and more) in this exciting overview!

What is 3D Printing Anyway?

Basically, 3D printing is the process of creating a solid object from a digital file. Then that form is created, or “printed”, layer by layer using a 3D printer using various materials. Pretty cool, right?!

This revolutionary new idea was first imagined back in the 1970s, first experimented with in 1981, and first patented in 1986. Since then there have been additional forms of 3D printing technology patented to make up the variety of types we have today.

Back then the first process of 3D printing was SLA or stereolithography but is now there are many 3D printing processes that are referred to broadly as “3D printing” or “additive manufacturing”. Different types of 3D printing technologies and materials are chosen depending on what type of object needs to be made.

What Is 3D CAD Printing?

The initial image file is designed using 3D visualization software, one type being the umbrella term “CAD” (computer-aided design) software. A few examples of this are AutoCAD, Maya, and 3ds Max.

CAD software uses AI (Artificial intelligence) to help the designer assure accuracy and other essential elements needed for the object to work properly.

3D Printing Applications

Prosthetics are designed with CAD and 3D printed to fit a patient perfectly. Plastics can be used to print medical models used in education.

Machine parts, toys, building construction, and art are more applications for the process. You can also make instruments such as guitars and flutes. Print a figurine made from a children’s drawing.

Print jewelry and a box to put it in. Print a replica of a rare artifact!

Advantages of 3D CAD Print Services

The list is endless, but we’ll tell you about a few here. So, let’s explore some benefits of 3D printing.

More Complex Designs Are Possible!

Philosopher Jason Silva says of ‘awe’, that it “expands our perceptual parameters beyond all previous limits“. Similarly, with 3D CAD printing, pretty much anything you can draw, anything you can imagine, you can create!

3D CAD printing is perfect for making your simple or complex prototype without the design restrictions of traditional manufacturing.

Choose From a Variety of Materials and Technologies!

Variance abounds within the 3D printing world. You can find the perfect material to suit the specific need. Technologies include FDM, SLS, and binder jetting.

Today there are over 250 materials to choose from like plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, leather, rubber, chocolate, and even stem cells.

Save Time and Money!

Fixtures and tools, which are designed by manufacturing engineers, can be very expensive to replace (as you probably know). The plastics used in 3D printing are strong, light-weight, and far less costly. With on-demand 3D printing, get your item in a snap while saving time and money.

Quicker Design-to-Production Times!

Customers want it NOW. Maybe even yesterday. With the high demand for great products, put money in your pocket with reduced design-to-production times.

First, designers develop the idea using CAD and send it to the 3D printer. Once the functional prototype is printed, it’s evaluated by engineers. Then it’s good to go!

This streamlined process reduces the from weeks to days!

Your Business Will Flourish With 3D CAD Print Services!

No more waiting for your part to be shipped from overseas only to find out it doesn’t fit. Incorporate 3D CAD print services into your business to enjoy all the advantages. Turn a picture into a product with the press of a button!

Check out our online 3D printing service for an instant quote! What can we create for you?

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