• Nov232020

    The Positive Impact of 3D Printing Within the Architecture Industry

    3D printing technology has had a wide variety of benefits for many industries, but one of the most impacted is the architecture industry.

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  • Sep292015

    World Maker Faire 2015: NASA proclaims the winning designs of the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

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  • Sep242015

    Architects re-inventing shoes with 3D Printing

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  • Feb032014

    A 3D printed house rises in Amsterdam

    It’s been well-established that 3D printers can make jewelry, cups and other trinkets. But labs and individuals are also venturing into larger items: rocket engines, art installments and so on. So why not go even bigger?

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  • Feb012014

    In the future we might print entire urban sections

    In the future we might print not only buildings, but entire urban sections   The race to build the first…

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