• Nov232020

    The Positive Impact of 3D Printing Within the Architecture Industry

    3D printing technology has had a wide variety of benefits for many industries, but one of the most impacted is the architecture industry.

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  • Apr292014

    Scientists Working to Create 3D Printed Heart

    With 3D printing making major advances in the medical field, scientists are now hoping to create a 3D printed heart with human cells. The process would eliminate the need for donors, as well as make transplants more successful.

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  • Apr082014

    Aussie retailer offers custom 3D printed glasses for $360

    Sneaking Duck, an Australian online prescription glasses fashion retailer is looking to join the crowded market with made-to-order 3D-printed frames.

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  • Apr062014

    Mainstream Use of 3D Printers Could be Just Around the Corner

    With 3D printing technology rapidly advancing, many are wondering when 3D printers will find their place inside the common household.

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