3D Printing Technologies

3D Printing Technologies
January 23, 2014 admin

Rapidly growing 3D Printing technologies

If you are fascinated by starting personal 3D printing in your home, you should turn green in envy since now there is a growing range of personal 3D printing initiatives, printers and kits that are available to you.

If you are the type of human beings that is serious about DIY, there are two open source 3D printing initiatives that have been developed to meet your 3D printing demands. RepRap (Replicating Rapid Prototyper) and Fab@Home 3D printing initiatives that have been built around the online communities concept allowing users to share designs online and gather any other info necessary to build a printer based on materials extrusion technology.

If you are a DIY enthusiast that is not amused by the idea of scratch build, you can purchase a 3D printer based on the RepRap Designs. You can also purchase the Personal Portable 3D Printer which the latest plug and play FDM 3D printer that will not need calibration to get started.

In the few short months that we’ve just passed through, 3D printer manufacturers have launched several Personal 3D Printers Wi-Fi enabled devices that are designed for ease of use. The high end model of these new Personal 3D printers has been designed to print in three different colours of thermoplastic synchronized.

Up-to-date 3D Printing Applications

A majority of 3D printers being manufactured today are still used for producing mould and moulds masters that in turn allow production of final items. This line of 3D printing makes it possible for engineers to check the fit of different parts before the object is taken through costly production.

There are many home owners that are creative and come up with fantastic designs that they wish to manufacture. A 3D printer helps home users create anything they desire at home. Users can now create toys, containers, jewellery, and many other products they feel like.

The direct digital manufacturing (DDM) 3D printing form has been introduced and is proving to be a cost effective 3D printing platform. Home owners using this technology can now print practically anything on their printer.

The new 3D printing platforms allows users to print products such as; furniture, bags, trays, lighting and jewellery.  Many personal 3D printer users are going wild with their ideas; trustable sources recently reported that 3D printers are increasingly being used in the creation of fashion items including jewellery and shoes.

Personal users are opting for 3D printers to create customized items that they will use in their lives.

DDM printing use has spread worldwide and sculptors haven’t been left behind, many sculptors such as Bathsheba Grossman now use 3D printers to create amazing sculptors.  With the fast evolving 3D printer technologies, it is pitted that museums will start using 3d printers for purposes of producing exhibits as required and use the created art for their digital collection.

If you have something old and of value in your home that is losing its form, you can recreate it all over again with 3D printing technology.

Future Applications for Personal 3D Printing

It now likely that 3D printers will be advanced and help to output spare parts for all sorts of products that will no longer be in supply. Instead of throwing away a broken item, now users can use the 3D printer and recreate the broken part and fix broken item.

It is now evident that 3D printing has a bright future and will be used to create many more products either at home or at the office. There will come a time where you will be able to create spare part for your vehicle at home without having to go to the shop to buy a new part.

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